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As a writer, I try to write as often as I can, though finding the time can often be a challenge! But as it's my passion, I feel it's important to make the time and space for this area of my work.

My writing ranges from writing up my morning reflections which usually have a self-care and wellbeing theme, to writing up my research notes from my studying or workshop development.

Many aspects of education, teaching and learning can crop up as fascinating and relevant topics as I tutor and teach. Quite often a blog post is inspired by the students I'm helping. My clients are all so different that I find I'm continually learning from them. They help to keep me fresh, inspired, connected and in-tune with learning, education and cognitive and relational psychology.

I also write poetry which I haven't actually included on my website. But I'm currently collating my poems to create another book. In the meantime, if you did want to sample some of my poems, you could check them out in my book, more information on which is available in the Book section of this website.

Some of my writing stems from other areas of personal and professional interest that I feel compelled to explore and share.

If any of the posts and themes help, educate, support or inspire others then that would be a fantastic accomplishment.

I hope you do browse, read, reflect and enjoy.

Happy reading!



Safe spaces, simplicity, sanctuary and stillness

Safe spaces, simplicity, sanctuary and stillness

3rd November 2022

Are we consciously making time for ourselves?

Resting rather than doing. Not 'watching the TV, nodding off' type of resting, but calm, purposefully quiet stillness?

Over-stimultion and exhaustion erodes our mental health. How can we instigate and incorporate some balance back into our lives?

Travelling home from Switzerland

Travelling home from Switzerland

4th October 2022

There is freedom and exhilaration in travelling alone. Not being alone for every trip, but sometimes.

Journeys to or through new places are especially liberating. We rely on ourselves and no one relies on us.

When our lives involve other people a lot of the time, having time to ourselves is essential. The opposite is also true. Too much time alone can have an adverse effect. As with most things, it a question of balance.

Time together and time apart.