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I’m Lorna - teacher, author, mentor, counsellor and workshop facilitator. I’ve spent twenty years teaching in France, England and Spain, and the past 8 years, learning about mental health, studying what wellbeing should look like in our lives, families, classrooms and communities.

In 2019, I published my book, a true life account of my struggle with infertility. Inspired by my own research, experiences, and the stories of other remarkable women, the book incorporates self-care, wellbeing, understanding mental health and importance of connection.

I continue to research, study and write, whilst supporting others with self-esteem, and personal and professional growth.

My passion for connecting through education, empowerment, care and support, helping others become the best version of themselves is at the heart of all I do. 


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I’m committed to the idea that whether it’s educational or personal growth, when we feel valued, cared for, and truly supported, we can move towards fulfilling our potential, living more self-aware, more authentic, empowered lives.

When we feel seen, heard, valued, and supported, our self-esteem grows. Self-doubt transforms into self-confidence, and our journey to fulfilling our true potential gains momentum. We start living more authentic, purposeful, happier lives. 

When we're nurtured, we thrive.

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I initially sought extra tuition for my daughter as she had missed a number of Spanish lessons at the start of the GCSE course due to illness. Her one to one lessons with Lorna enabled her to catch up extremely quickly, in fact, faster than I expected.  My daughter had further sessions for revision and these were invaluable as they focussed on her individual needs and Lorna taught her some very good revision techniques. 

The lessons were always productive as they were individual and Lorna's teaching style was encouraging and engaging, my daughter felt relaxed having the lessons but was motivated and wanted to succeed. 

My daughter felt that Lorna helped her to extend her range of vocabulary and to improve her Spanish accent, which gave her greater confidence for assessments and exams. Lorna also gave advice and instruction on some useful Internet sites and audio tools for use at home.

I would certainly recommend Lorna as a teacher and the cost of the lessons was most certainly money well spent. Despite my daughter continuing to have some health problems and absence from school, she completed her Spanish GCSE very successfully and achieved an A grade.