Acknowledge and celebrate success, even the smallest of achievements is worthy of acknowledgment

Act with integrity and dignity and lead by example. If we want the best from others, we must be prepared to give the best versions of ourselves

Courage gives us a voice and compassion gives us an ear. Without both, there is no opportunity for empathy and connection.

Brene Brown


My approach

The way we learn, digest, process and use information is unique to each of us. Each child and adult is different.

I’m an experienced teacher of both children and adults having also worked in Adult Education delivering evening classes of beginner to intermediate Spanish. For twenty years, I’ve been using different approaches, different levels of support, styles, and pedagogy to help my students succeed in their French, Spanish and English. I use supplementary material as well as online, interactive resources. I identify my students’ main strengths, and how I can help most effectively to develop areas that need the most attention.

My tuition classes are individualised to suit the learning needs, styles and personality of the individual client. Whilst teach languages, I also help with general homework, and exam technique. I help with developing conversational and speaking skills. I always aim to boost confidence.  

 Qualifications, Levels & Exam Boards

For students following a British curriculum studying GCSE and A-Level courses, I’ve worked extensively with 4 of the 6 UK exam boards, AQA, OCR, Cambridge and Edexcel.

For those studying an international qualification in English, I work in depth with Cambridge English. As a native English speaker, I offer tuition from A1 to C2 proficiency level.

I also tutor, coach and mentor trainee teachers studying for their 'oposiciones,' Spanish state exams, to become secondary school English teachers here in Spain. I currently have clients online and in-person.

The French internationally recognised qualification is known as DELF, I offer tuition at levels A1 to B2.

The Spanish diploma, known as DELE, is run by the Instituto Cervantes. I offer tuition from A1 to B1. (Please note that I do not offer exam registration services. Students will need to register either individually, though their language academy or through their school.)

Confidence & Esteem Building

Many students come to me feeling low in confidence, afraid to ask questions, speak in class or in public in a foreign language. However, each one of these students, children and adults like, leave my tuition and care not only with great results, but also feeling less worried and more self-assured about themselves and their language skills.

Sometimes, we view ourselves as not as 'good' as other learners. Or we tell ourselves that we’re ‘not very good’ at languages. Usually, I have found this is not true. We just need extra help and encouragement to boost our confidence and furnish us with techniques and strategies to help us learn more effectively, and enjoy the process.

Stretch & Challenge

It is not unusual to seek support in our learning when aspects are a bit difficult. However, learning support is also about stretching and challenging students who have a particular passion or ability. It's adding extra va-va-voom, extra sparkle so students can really excel and stand out.

When I was young, I loved French so much, my parents found me a tutor. I asked her many questions that weren't possible in a class of 30 other students. I wanted to understand my learning fully.

The best part was our conversations. We talked in French, practising my learning in a safe space, experimenting with the language, unafraid to make mistakes and be corrected. She stretched and developed my knowledge, introducing me to higher level phrases and expressions that otherwise, I wouldn't have known. My tutor was kind and patient. I loved it!