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Client testimonials

Tutoring and Mentoring

I am really pleased with having taken French as one of my A Levels. Staff at school are very supportive and always willing to give you a hand, however, as exams got closer I felt we were not doing enough in class to fully cover the syllabus within the time left. That is when I decided to contact Lorna to help me go through all the contents in the units.

I could not be more thankful to her now. Her teaching techniques reflect a high level of understanding of the way exams work. She clearly knows the best way to tackle the different exercises and how to make a successful impression in the speaking exam. What I enjoy the most about these tuitions is the opportunity to speak to her for a whole hour in French as she corrects my pronunciation and accent. I feel that I have improved a lot, and that is only in just a few classes!

I was feeling a bit lost with this subject at the beginning of the academic course, but thanks to Lorna I feel confident now and I hope to succeed in my exams!

Juan Marcos

I initially sought extra tuition for my daughter as she had missed a number of Spanish lessons at the start of the GCSE course due to illness. Her one to one lessons with Lorna enabled her to catch up extremely quickly, in fact, faster than I expected.  My daughter had further sessions for revision and these were invaluable as they focussed on her individual needs and Lorna taught her some very good revision techniques. 

The lessons were always productive as they were individual and Lorna's teaching style was encouraging and engaging, my daughter felt relaxed having the lessons but was motivated and wanted to succeed. 

My daughter felt that Lorna helped her to extend her range of vocabulary and to improve her Spanish accent, which gave her greater confidence for assessments and exams. Lorna also gave advice and instruction on some useful Internet sites and audio tools for use at home.

I would certainly recommend Lorna as a teacher and the cost of the lessons was most certainly money well spent. Despite my daughter continuing to have some health problems and absence from school, she completed her Spanish GCSE very successfully and achieved an A grade.


Lorna helped me so much with my French and Spanish GCSE's. She is really patient and always went at my speed. I found this especially helpful as with my dyslexia I find processing language hard. With Lorna’s help I achieved very good grades in both French and Spanish and I am very pleased and grateful.


I wholeheartedly recommend Lorna Wayth as a language tutor. She is kind, calm, reliable and thorough, with an excellent knowledge of the work needed to succeed in languages. Both my daughters benefitted significantly from working with Lorna on a regular basis and achieved excellent results at GCSE. 

Lorna has a very flexible teaching style enabling her to adapt to the specific needs of each individual child. Both of my daughters especially benefitted from repeated practice of listening papers so that they could become used to the different accents and speaking styles used in the listening exam, which there is so often not time to practice sufficiently in normal school lessons. Similarly detailed advice on the reading, writing and comprehension elements of French and Spanish built their confidence enormously, enabling them to relax and enjoy learning both French and Spanish, ultimately reducing the stress associated with language exams considerably.


I think I owe Lorna my languages GCSEs! She was really patient with me, which I needed as languages do not come easily for me. I decided to come to Lorna after my health stopped me from coming to school and my grades were really suffering. She worked with me specifically on my areas of weakness and paid attention to my learning style. Lorna used a variety of techniques to help me until we found ones that worked. I found I could relax in lessons and be completely honest about areas I didn't understand. Lorna patiently answered all of my questions, no matter how silly or small.

Lorna is really approachable and kind which makes her easy to talk to. I would seriously recommend Lorna to anyone looking for a language tutor.



I decided to start coming for lessons to work towards my A level oral exam, as I felt I needed more help and preparation. However, I was also able to use my lessons to prepare for the written exam, advancing my skills in essay writing, the structure and content alike. The lessons benefited me hugely. I acquired a much wider range of vocabulary and useful phrases, and improved my A level grade significantly as a result.


I initially decided to start taking private tutoring in Spanish during my GCSEs at Bournemouth Grammar School as despite its high standard of teaching, I felt it was not enough for me personally to achieve my desired grade of an A*. After only a couple of sessions with Mrs. Wayth, I immediately began to notice an improvement in my Spanish grade at school which went from a B to an A* in a short space of time and ultimately managed to score 96% overall in my Spanish GCSE. 

The lessons with Mrs. Wayth were very useful as she used a variety of exercises which dramatically improved my confidence with the language which I found to be invaluable, especially under stressful exam conditions. Being able to correctly use more complex and higher level vocabulary and structures rendered tasks such as the Writing and Listening much more straightforward.


I initially started having lessons with Lorna because I lacked confidence and found the spoken language assessments stressful. Regular lessons with Lorna helped me overcome these problems and feel confident when doing the oral exams. I found Lorna's teaching approach to be encouraging and always positive. Through her help I achieved an A in GSCE French and a B in Spanish. I would highly recommend Lorna to anyone who needs help with languages.


At school I was in a big, mixed ability class and although I really enjoyed French I was finding it really hard to learn anything. My predicted grade was below a C at GCSE and it was very frustrating so my mum suggested I get some extra help. Lorna was amazing. She really got to know my learning style and tailored the lessons accordingly.

My listening was what I found hardest and so Lorna helped my technique for pulling out key words. Conversationally I felt really confident just chatting in my oral exam because I was so used to chatting with Lorna in French.

The lessons were really varied so I didn't get bored. I have always been really easily distracted, but I didn't find this a problem because it was varied and quick paced. 

Overall my French improved massively which my teacher noticed. I was over the moon when I got a B for GCSE and could never have achieved it without the extra help.


I started taking lessons with Lorna because I felt that I was not able to achieve the highest grades by myself. I have just finished 2 years of tuition with Lorna and I am now very confident in my Spanish result which I am yet to receive. My older brother also had her as his Spanish tutor and he received an A* in Spanish. 

Lorna's lessons were very enjoyable and did not feel like a chore at all. I mainly enjoyed how each lesson was different and was not monotonous, this is what made every single lesson very engaging. Lorna always helped me get prepared for my exams in a very efficient manner and has never let me leave a single lesson without making sure that I have learned a lot during the lesson.

Overall, I strongly recommend Lorna because she is a brilliant teacher who not only cares for the student, but also motivates the student to be the best they can be.


I had extra tuition with Lorna throughout my A Level Spanish course. I was struggling with everything and having attained quite a low mark in my mock at AS level, my confidence was extremely low. Lorna was truly amazing. The lessons were structured around my needs and were fun. She instilled confidence and belief in myself. I loved every single lesson and achieved an A grade in my A2. An amazing tutor.


I have lived in Spain for a few years but I only had a very small understanding of the language and certainly no confidence to speak it. I was a bit overwhelmed when I first started learning, but Lorna put me at ease instantly and was able to pitch my lessons perfectly to my level. She is expert at structuring the lessons to my needs to increase my confidence and learning. Her teaching techniques are varied, so it remains interesting and she puts a huge amount of effort into sending me consolidation tasks each week which are tailored to me and remind me how far I come each lesson.

The one-to-one lessons have benefited me hugely. I am delighted with how much Spanish I am learning and I look forward to my lessons each week. My confidence in speaking and understanding the language has surprised me.

Lorna is very supportive and patient and cares about your progress. She is an amazing tutor and if you are looking to learn a language, I can't recommend her highly enough.