One step at a time. We can't know and do everything all at once. It would overwhelm us. Our focus on the here and now will prepare us to walk tomorrow's path

Let it go. We all mess up because no one is perfect. We can't dwell on those little things that threaten to drag us down. Often, acceptance is best to move forward

Trust the process - things are happening. If we're being brave and courageous already, we don't need to force the process. The magic is already happening

Growth occurs when individuals confront problems, struggle to master them, and through that struggle develop new aspects of their skills, capacities, views about life.

Carl Rogers

Qualifications and Training

In progress: Counselling Advanced Diploma Level 4 Qualification

I’m studying for an Advanced Diploma in Counselling. To date, my training has been Humanistic Person-Centred Counselling. This course widens my scope and understanding of further psychotherapeutic skills. An integrative approach to certain areas of tutoring, mentoring, coaching and counselling can further enrich the clients’ experience. This training is strengthening my current work, especially helping clients feel less overwhelmed and anxious, and more confident.

2022: XII Jornadas Psiquiatría en la Vida Cotidiana Lectures

This mental health training, organised by Universidad Internacional del Mar, was delivered by nationally renowned psychiatrists and psychologists, experts on mental health and mental illness. It provides further insight into the needs of my local community, particularly post-Covid. Staying up-to-date with research and best practice helps to identify and stay congruent to the needs of those round us. 

2021: CPCAB Level 3 certificate in Counselling Studies Qualification 


My counselling skills continued to shape, enhance and strengthen my personal and professional relationships. As a teacher, I feel authentically connected to my students and mentees which is essential to develop trusting relationships. In my counselling practice, I stay true to my training and BACP ethical framework. I believe that in these uncertain times, the need to forge positive, empathic connection has never been greater. When we nurture, others thrive.

2017: CPCAB Level 2 certificate in Counselling Skills Qualification


I wanted to increase my knowledge, training and competence through developing effective new and existing counselling skills. I returned to college part-time. In all areas of my professional and personal life, I began to see the powerful effect of this training in my work, how it was positively impacting the mental health and wellbeing of others; young people, adolescent and adult students, teachers, colleagues, and parents.

2010: DfES Leading from the Middle Training

During this year long coaching and management course, I established an effective reflective practice. This training developed interpersonal and management skills and basic relational psychology. Capitalising on my strengths, I understood how to develop the confidence and competences of others. By modelling integrity and vision, setting healthy boundaries, championning communication and mutual respect, we can invest in and build successful teams and thriving school communities.

2008: Become an Outstanding Subject Leader in MFL Training

In my next appointment, I was spearheading a team of strong, vibrant women in another large, thriving school community. Teamwork, supporting each other, clear communication and focused, shared vision were key features of our department’s success. I learnt a lot from working with this team, as well as the importance of regular and relevant Continuous Professional Development which is essential for professional growth. As leaders, we must stay fresh, inspired and connected to our fields of expertise.

2006: Pastoral Coaching and Mentoring Experience

As a Senior Academic Mentor, in one of South East London’s most successful schools, I co-lead a large team of tutors, supporting subject teachers and mentoring students with different needs. It's not uncommon to have minimal people management experience, yet be promoted to team leadership. I see this regularly. Excellent mentorship and robust training is essential. I was mentored by an experienced, empathic pastoral lead whose excellent coaching and wisdom still influence my work today. 

2003: Modern Foreign Languages PGCE 

Teaching merged my passion for helping others, love of languages and creativity. I had, and still maintain, an interest in incorporating drama, song/music, and expressive writing as vibrant, Whole-Brain teaching and learning tools. Nurturing multi-culturalism and positive relational mind-sets through learning was/is also integral to my teaching practice. I fundamentally believe in a holistic approach to education, just as I do to mental health.

2001: French and Drama B.A. Hons (with Spanish) 

After a year travelling Europe, I studied at Queen Mary College, University of London, graduating with a degree that is the solid bedrock for much of what I believe in and strive for today. Its focus on championing diversity, global citizenship and cultural awareness, blended with innovative performance, authentic story-telling, and tenacious writing remains an integral part of my influences and interests, and represents a significant part of who I am, and how I work.